Welcome to my website!

Birds are my passion and the reason why I photograph birds is that I think they are beautiful!
With my photography I would like to share the beauty of the birds with wide audience. By showing the beauty of the birds with my images I hope that people would understand the importance of the nature and wildlife conservation! I truly believe that all the wildlife is much more valuable alive than dead, so therefore I only “hunt” with my camera! Taking photographs is much more sustainable way to “hunt” than hunting with gun. One animal can be photographed thousands of times – but it can only be shot once!

I have selected some of my best bird and mammal photos to the galleries in my website. From the galleries you can also find selection of wildlife images from the countries where I lead photography tours; Finland, Norway, Japan, Romania, South Africa, Antarctica etc.

From my store you will have opportunity to order some of my best images as signed prints or on canvas. Really unique gift items! There are also my photography books and some selected photography equipments on sale. By ordering from my store you also support bird conservation – since from every item purchased from the shop I will make a donation to set up nest boxes for the owls in Finland.

From the services you will find the information about my photography tours worldwide. I will take you to some of the best places in the world to photograph wildlife. In these locations I have taken many of my most memorable images.

There will be also information about the photography tours what I will be leading in Finland. On these tours I will show you the best places in my home country where I have taken some of my best photos!

Please also subscribe the Finnature newsletter at my website – since via that newsletter I will let you know then there will be e.g. photographable owls in Finland!

I hope you will enjoy the beauty of the wildlife on my website!


Jari Peltomäki